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Articles That Make Our Kiddos Smile :)

Beautifully Flawed In A Perfectly Imperfect World

In today’s society, it’s easy to get hung up on shallow, materialistic things and ideas. We have grown accustomed to valuing people based on their looks, social status, financial stability, and what they can do for us. As we judge others, we also…

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When Your CEO Is A HUUUGer We All Win!

When people think of CEO’s their usual frame of reference is often what they’ve seen in the movies. Many people work in a corporation where the CEO’s and CFO’s occupy a similar space to what you see on the screen. Board rooms with glass walls…

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Why Do Superheroes Need Other Superheroes?

With great power comes great responsibility. These were the wise words delivered to Peter Parker by his Uncle Ben in the Marvel comic series “Spider-Man.” While Uncle Ben may have met with an unfortunate ending shortly afterward, these pearls of…

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