With great power comes great responsibility. These were the wise words delivered to Peter Parker by his Uncle Ben in the Marvel comic series “Spider-Man.” While Uncle Ben may have met with an unfortunate ending shortly afterward, these pearls of wisdom helped our web-spinning hero to embrace his new powers and use them for the common good.

When we think of superheroes, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the unique powers that allow them to save the school bus full of children, beat the bad guys and get the girl…or boy. But while superheroes may seem to have amazing lives full of thrills and spills, it is usually a completely different story, and they are plagued instead by feelings of angst, loneliness and crippling self-doubt.

Iron Sharpens Iron

From losing both parents at an early age to being jettisoned from their dying home planet, our caped crusaders and masked avengers have had a lot to deal with, and their emotions can crush them as quickly and fiercely as they can crush a steel girder. Just like the rest of us, they need love, support and strength to get them through these tough times.

Fortunately, most superheroes are able to avenge their own demons with the help of a trusty sidekick who truly relates to their plight, somebody who can help them to come to terms with their power and responsibility and to win whatever internal war they are battling against. And who could understand the pain better than another superhero who has been there, done that? As the old saying goes, “iron sharpens iron.” It simply means that spending time with people on your own level can help to make you stronger.

Although the two tried to destroy each other when they first met, Superman and Batman now enjoy a beautiful friendship based on mutual understanding, respect and seeing the error of their ways. And in the Avengers and Justice League team-ups, we see groups of superheroes who, despite their differences, are able to support each other and work together towards the same purpose.

And let’s not forget those mere mortals that can offer significant support to superheroes when they need it the most. These are the people who may not have been through the same experiences, who may not truly understand what it is to be “super”, but who knows just what to say or do to get them through tough times. Batman had his Alfred. Superman had his Louis. Iron Man had his Pepper Potts. While some super powers are invisible, they can have the most powerful effects.


A Day In The Life Of A Real-Life Superhero

Not all superheroes wear a cape or mask. Superheroes exist everywhere in real-life. You are a superhero, only you may not realize it. Whether you have had to deal with tragedy, overcome a difficult challenge or simply deal with daily life under pressure, your superhero powers can come through when you need them the most. Somehow, people are able to overcome the most serious of situations, finding powers they never realized they had just at the right time. They put their troubles to one side to help others, find the strength to carry on and gain experience that will help them to manage similar problems in the future. Sure, there are no burning buildings or puppies to save, but these are superhero feats nonetheless.


You’ve Got Me? Who’s Got You?!

These were the incredulous words a falling Lois Lane uttered to Superman as he caught her, smiled and said: “Easy Miss, I’ve got you.” In the end, it was Lois who saved Superman by capturing his heart and supporting him through thick and thin. No matter how good we are at dealing with problems, we all need that special somebody or network of somebodies to support us through the hard times. The people who support us are superheroes too, helping us to achieve our goals and to find strength in the face of adversity.


You Can’t Save The World On Your Own

Don’t be fooled by the typical lone superhero image. No superhero can save the world on their own. They need help; a trusty sidekick to give them support when they need it the most, to dust them down after the bad times and give them the much-needed TLC that will keep their powers in check and the world a better place. After all, being a superhero is a full-time job, and you never know who might need you and when, or when you might need them back.