How Huuug Works



You win:

You find a cause that speaks to your heart! Start on your journey to becoming an everyday superhero who can change the world.



You win, the charity wins:

You donate your time, talent, or treasure to a charity in need. You’ve uplifted a charity in need, and become your own superhero in the process.



You win, the charity wins, humanity wins:

Your donations helped make a difference by supporting charitable giving across the globe. United with others for a common good, you’ve uplifted a cause and gained more understanding of what it means to create a Heart-Shaped World.

Where does my donation go?

We build nonprofit solutions using for-profit models. By covering our operational costs through partnerships and sponsorships, we ensure that 100% of individual giving dollars go straight to our nonprofit partners.

The reason we focus so much on our social media presence is to ensure we can cover operational expenses through ad revenue. We believe running a nonprofit more like a business will result in the maximum amount of change, and we’ve seen the success of this model as our partnerships grow.