Together, we have the power to:

H = the power to help
U = the power to unite
U = the power to understand
U = the power to uplift
G = the power to give back

You have the power
We can help you change the world!!!

Our Partners

Who We Love

Huuug, 501 Avenue, and Partners in Humanity work together to do good. That’s basically it. We want to make it so easy to make to make the world a better place that you don’t even have to think about it.

Partners in Humanity

501 Avenue

We believe that by partnering with the world’s best people, companies, and brands, we can help empower humanity, unite to give hope, understand partnerships, and uplift everyone. We give back. Together, we can make the Heart-Shaped World we all deserve.

We created 501 Avenue to give consumers an easy and fun way to make a difference. Ten percent of 501’s profits also come straight to us at Huuug, amplifying the power of even a simple purchase decision. Every purchase has a purpose, and it works — we’re changing the world one purchase at a time.

Together, these three organizations are on a journey to Huuug the world, and make it easy and fun to do good. Under this structure, we use innovative and immersive campaigns to improve our world.

Our Vision

What We Believe

We believe you can be your own hero.

We believe small change can make a huge impact.
We believe you can be your own hero.
We believe the greatest gift you can give is letting someone be their authentic self.
We believe finding your own path is just as important as finishing the journey.
We believe there is art in life, and art in empowerment.
We believe creative collaboration leads to transformative change.
We believe there are no limits on our imagination and our courage.
We believe in the human spirit.
We believe in the power of a Huuug.
We believe Huuugs make everything better.

We believe everybody has a superpower. EVERYONE.

Our Core Programs