When people think of CEO’s their usual frame of reference is often what they’ve seen in the movies. Many people work in a corporation where the CEO’s and CFO’s occupy a similar space to what you see on the screen. Board rooms with glass walls overlooking skylines. People in expensive suits, only concerned with the bottom line and not the lives of those that make up the workforce of their company. Even in charitable trusts and non-profits, there is a lot of detachment from the CEO’s and the people working to make communities better, using donations and volunteers to make a positive impact on the world around them.

So what happens when a CEO rolls up their sleeves and gets back to basics of what a non-profit organization started out being in the first place? What happens when it stops being a career for a CEO and instead, turns back into doing the right thing? When you have that human element. When you have that drive and focus which allows you to see the individual faces of not only those you are trying to help, but also those of the team of your fellow workers, you transcend the business end of things and your work becomes something of a calling. It’s no longer about the bottom line, but about making the world a better place. To determination in utilizing your resources. Your employees, your friends, even your family to doing good in the world.

When people are no longer commodities or numbers on a ledger, you build a connection with them. A CEO who becomes a HUUUGER has the advantage of being engaged with the community. They see those they are eager to help as individuals. People with dreams and sometimes setbacks who sometimes lack the funds or resources they require to get a foothold in the world. People with great ideas who just need some support to put all of us over in the long run. HUUUGers don’t play by a rule book because they’ve chucked it out the window of that high-rise corner office, and now they are on the ground with the rest of us, making things work, building better futures and providing opportunities for those in need.

Non-profits aren’t just about writing checks, they are about doing good in the world and giving a hug to anyone who needs one. And we can all use a good hug from time to time!